Sunday, July 5, 2009

Did Web 2.0 Kill Intelligent PR? Part II: Press Releases Vs. Blogs

(Continued thoughts from "Did Web 2.0 Kill Intelligent PR?"

Press Releases vs. Blogs

Recently, there’s been debate about the value of press releases in a blog-centric world. I believe anyone who eschews a press release entirely for a blog post is missing an opportunity. Both are worthwhile efforts.

A press release is an official record of your news. It has been vetted and approved by your company. You stand behind it. Plus, it shows reporters that you respect them enough to provide an official account of your news. Not to mention the SEO benefits.

Company blogs are less formal, can be clarified and edited in real time to respond to feedback or changing conditions, and they may only reflect the opinions of a single person or the entire company. The audience may be limited, but blogs offer a great opportunity to interact with your community, share thoughts that aren’t specifically news-related but nonetheless interesting, and show a personality.

The two communications streams should be used in tandem, to enhance each other.

Ultimately, what does the debate on the role and value of PR mean for companies?

PR remains one of the highest ROI strategies to generate interest in your company and its products. But don’t rush to abandon traditional media relations solely for social media. Likewise, don’t shun social media by pretending it will all go away. It won’t.

Prioritize intelligent, thoughtful and professional external communications to the media and participate in the community. If you listen to the feedback from both, your business will be better for it.

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